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World Tourism Day 2017 Celebration

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World Tourism Day 2017 Celebration, Sustainable Tourism- a tool for Development

We, Annapurna Seed Library and Gibbon Eco Camp celebrated World Tourism Day 2017 on 27 September.
With me other Travel Partners are Seed conservator Mahan Bora, Tourism Organizer Jayanta Sarmah, and Suryya Kumar Chetia Asst. Professor of Assam Women University.
Theme of the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was ” Sustainable Tourism- a tool for Development”. Hence we decided to practice of attracting visitors and tourists to farm areas (village) for production, educational, and recreational purposes which involves any agricultural operation or activity and may also provide a venue for outdoor recreation and accessible family outings.
Our Objectives are to joining of tourism and agriculture where tourists visit private agricultural areas to learn more about sustainable and organic farming, conservation and local produce. This is a great way for farmers to supplement their income while educating visitors about the importance of organic produce and local farming practices in a fun and entertaining way.
To provides opportunities – a financially viable tool that provides sustainable solutions to economic challenges and conservation needs of local people; an alternative means of supporting rural economies to help revitalize and sustain local heritage; and a market-linked force connecting and empowering stakeholders. Equally importantly, Organic Tourism also provides the traveler with unique opportunities to gain authentic experiences, discover new places, make new friends, and have a fun, memorable time.

Organic Tourism helps create a better appreciation of the world’s natural resources, such as landscapes, wildlife and coral reefs. This stimulates a desire to protect the natural environment through the creation of national parks, wildlife preserves and wetlands.

On this occasion we travel to 4 different organic garden of Jorhat district. Indigenous Seed Conservationist Mahan Bora’s Annapurna Seed Library, Organic Model Garden of Kakajan College, Pabitra Bora’s Organic Tea Garden in Chenijan and Nabanita Das Organic Agricultural Farm of Potia Gaon.

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