Heritage Walk: Historic MG railway track of Dima Hasao

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First ever historic heritage walk at Dima Hasao, Assam was organised by Rotary Club of Haflong Hill, A RAY OF HOPE SOCIETY(AROH),43 Assam Rifles and supported by Dima Hasao Toursim Department to promote the historic Meter Gauge railway track, our heritage.

Meter gauge railway track that was built by the British way back in the last decade of the 19th century through the most difficult Barail mountains in Assam’s Dima Hasao district, and was always referred to as an engineering marvel, has become history. The zig-zag metre-gauge track whose tunnels and bridges were a major attraction. This was one of the most adventurous, scenic , most beautiful and the most riskiest Meter Gauge Railway track of the Indian Railways.

Route Map: Heritage Trail, Haflong, Dima Hasao

The British had taken about 16 years to build the track. The Badarpur-Lumding section was a part of the Assam Bengal Railway and was meant to move tea, coal and timber.

With me, Jayanta Sarmah from Jorhat, Karbi-Anglong and from different parts of Dima Hasao had participated in the long distance trekking along the abandoned MG railway tracks starting off from Haflong Hill Railway Station to Harangajao Railway Station. It was a tough and a pleasurable venture amidst hills, ravines and rivulets comprising of almost 18KMs.

Heritage walk at Dima Hasao- Flagged Off in Haflong Hill Railway Station
Flagged Off in Haflong Hill Railway Station by Superintendent of Police Prasanta Saikia

We had began our journey early morning at 5:30am on the 25th of Aug,2018..Total 41 excited and enthusiastic trekkers had began with the campaign, accompanied by two most active lady trekkers. Breakfast was made available to all of us and even we all were carrying along the necessary accessories required for a travel on the hilly tracks.We had been captivated by the blessed beauty of our region.The landscape hypnotized our senses as we were clicking pictures of the flora and fauna around.The nature refreshed us and kept our spirit aroused with cool water from the rocks.The entire experience was such trilling that summarizing it in a few words will be a bit difficult.

Heritage walk at Dima Hasao- Abandoned Railway Bridge
Abandoned Railway Bridge

We had crossed 14 numbers of tunnels and a numerous numbers of bridges built on the brooks.At many places the tracks lay dismantled and even the bridges have rusted out. It was risky but adventure demands little bit of risks.

Heritage walk at Dima Hasao-Abandoned Tunnel
Abandoned Tunnel

We were received by the localites at Harangazao station,the last destination of our persuit. Thereafter,lunch was served to all. Assam Rifle had also made drinks available to us all. Our return journey from Harangazao to Haflong was by bus.

Heritage walk at Dima Hasao-Flagged In in Harangajao Railway Station
Flagged Down in Harangajao Railway Station

This is the only Heritage Trail of North East India. It could be the prime attraction of Assam Tourism in near future.  Hope Indian Railway and both State & Central Government will take necessary action in this regard.

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