Da Parbatia, Tezpur

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Da Parbatia is a small village situated at a few KM from the town of Tezpur. In the village there are significant architectural remnants of an ancient temple of the sixth century overlying the ruins of another Shiva temple built of bricks during Ahom Kingdom. Ruins of the temple are the oldest and finest representation of architectural splendor. Archaeological excavations done here in 1924 have unearthed a sixth century antiquity in the form of a stone door frame with extensive carvings. The ruins of the temple built during the Ahom period are built over the ancient temple’s foundations and are in the form of a stone paved layout plan of the sanctum sanctorum and a mandapa. The antiquities found at the Da Parbatia are inferred to have been from a temple complex built during the 5th or 6th century, prior to the Bhaskaravarman period. On the basis of the mouldings of the torso and its architectural style it is inferred that the terracotta plaques are definitely not later than the 6th century. During the Ahom period, a Shiva temple was built with bricks over the ruins of an ancient Gupta period temple. When the Ahom period temple was destroyed during the Assam Earthquake of 1897, the remains of Gupta period temple were exposed but only in the form of a door frame made of stone.

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