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Jadav Payeng spent 35 years of his life planting an entire forest. Maybe you could start with a single sapling.
In 1979, Jadav Payeng found hundreds of dead reptiles washed up on a river bank.
The flood had washed away the soil cover of the forest.
The village elders told him “You need to build a new home fo the animals”.
Jadav started on the banks of the Brahmaputra with a few bamboo saplings.
To improve soil fertility he released termites and ants.
He even planted banana trees to prevent the wild elephants from straying out to the nearby villages.
After 35 long years, the forest now stands across 1360 acres.
And the world discovered “Forest Man of India”.

All it takes to make a difference to the world is a common man’s good motive and will power. On World Environment Day, The Hindu urges its readers to take action against mankind’s biggest threat today- global warming. Let us be inspired by Jadav Payeng and pledge to plant at least a single sapling in our neighbourhood. The entire plane will witness the fruits of our labour.
Courtesy:-“ The Hindu”-Coimbatore Edition – 05-06-2014
Special Thanks to:- Deepan Ramachandran, Associate Creative Director,Ogilvy, Chennai. (ogilvydo.com)

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