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“Sri Sri Basudev Than” also known as Narua Sattra, the well known temple of Assam is situated in Dhakuakhana of North Lakhimpur District. It is one of the ancient Temple of Assam. It situated at Subansiri, a small area between Balahi Sampara and Saupara. Sri Sri Basudeva Than is situated in a amidst lush greenery and covered by dense forest.

The Sri Sri Basudev Than was established in mid-17th century by the grandson of Sankaradeva, Damodar Ata as Laumura Satra, during the rule of Ahom king Jayadhwaj Singha. However, the plot of the satra was transferred to many people many times. This led to the name na-rua which might mean ‘not stay’. The name Basudev Than is related to the Assamese word for lord Vishnu.


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