Samvaad A Tribal Conclave by Tata Steel

Raathwa Tribe of Gujarat showcasing its traditional dance
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Tata Steel Organized the Third Edition of its Tribal Conclave Samvaad 2016

  • The celebration of tribal ethos from nearly 40 tribes representing 20 states across India
  • ‘Tribal Health Systems’ was the theme for the year’s edition
  • 1500 tribal artists, thought leaders, eminent personalities and activists are participated in the five-day conclave

Jamshedpur, November 15, 2016: Mr Koushik Chatterjee, Group Executive Director (Finance & Corporate), amidst a gala ceremony, inaugurated the third edition of ‘Samvaad 2016′.

Organised at Ganesh Puja Maidan in Jamshedpur, Samvaad is a pan-India Tribal conclave.  The central theme for the conclave is ‘Tribal Health Systems’. Similar to previous editions, Samvaad will witness participation of various tribes from all across the country. The opening ceremony was attended by senior executives from Tata Steel and Group companies, among others.

Cultural Attraction of Day 1: 15th Nov 2016

151 Nagaras in unison (Jharkhand and Odisha)
Dance Performances by:
1. Konyak (Nagaland)
2. Kondareddi (Andhra Pradesh)
3. Rathawa (Gujarat)
4. Kinnara (Himachal Pradesh)
5. Munda (Jharkhand)

Cultural Attraction of Day 2: 16th Nov 2016

Dance Performances by:
1. Varli (Maharashtra)
2. Kadar (Kerala)
3. Maram (Manipur)
4. Bette Kuruba (Karnataka)
5. Bhumij (Jharkhand)
6. Tripuri (Tripura)
7. Sahariya (Rajasthan)
8. Ho (Jharkhand)

Cultural Attraction of Day 3: 17th Nov 2016

Dance Performances by:
1. Tamang (Sikkim)
2. Jenu Kuruba (Karnataka)
3. Bison Horn Madia (Chhattisgarh)
4. Kharwar (Jharkhand)
5. Reang (Tripura)
6. Muthuvan (Kerala)
7. Mao (Manipur)
8. Kharia (Jharkhand)

Cultural Attraction of Day 4: 18th Nov 2016

Dance Performances by:
1. Rabha (Assam)
2. Koraga (Karnataka)
3. Santhal (Jharkhand)
4. Dhurva (Odisha)
5. Khasi (Meghalaya)
6. Kurumba (Kerala)
7. Kuki (Nagaland)
8. Oraon (Jharkhand)

There was stalls displaying and selling handicrafts, textiles, paintings etc. Established organisations like Jharcraft, Antz and Trifed, as well as traditional tribal artisans from all over the country, participated in the event.

Panel discussions was held on the theme of Tribal Health Systems. The panel discussions on the three days was on diseases afflicting tribal populations, tribal medicinal systems, tribal nutrition, innovative models in tribal health-care, role of Shamans in tribal health, etc. There was stalls for traditional tribal healers to display their medicines and also offer consultations and remedies.


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