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High Altitude Fish Seed Farm, Tarin, Ziro

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High Altitude Fish Seed Farm, Tarin, Ziro located on a high altitude and is surrounded by pine and bamboo groves. The Tarin Fish Farm is situated at a high altitude in the Bulla village of Apatani tribes. Fish Farm is a popular tourist attraction where breeding of high altitude fishes is done. In this process, two crops of rice and one crop of fish, Ngihi, are raised together.
The Apatanis practice the paddy-cum-fish cultivation or farming in an area of 200 kms in Kamala Valley, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. The Tarin Fish Farm is one of the best sites in Ziro where this particular type of farming is practiced.
The paddy cum fish cultivation procedure is one of the major attractions of Ziro, as this is rare and not seen and practiced a lot. The Apatani tribals of Arunachal utilize the land to its best, where rice-fish culture in the valley is done. In this unique practice two crops of rice (Mipya and Emoh) and one crop of fish (Ngihi) are raised together.

Fish farming is widely done in Ziro as the paddy fields are suitable for it; this is because of having strong bund (Agher) in order to prevent the leakage of water, to retain upto desired depth and also to block the escape of cultivated fishes during floods. Fish farming in the bunds of Ziro is a common practice in Apatani Plateau and these bunds are also used for cultivating various vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, radish, pumpkin, cucumber, beans, brinjals chilies, gingers etc.
History :
The High Altitude Fish Seed Farm, covering an area of 7.4 hectares of land was established at Tarin (near Ziro town) under NEC in 1985-86. Total water area covered is 3.0 hectares and total effected water area covered is 2.75 hectare. Total number of ponds under farm are 74. Out of which 46 numbers are nursery ponds, 16 are rearing ponds and 12 are stocking ponds.

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