Bio-diversity cum Recreation Park, Diphu

Diphu Park
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Karbi Anglong, one of the hilly district of the state of Assam is an abode of Nature. Everybody has been being enchanted with the beckons of Nature. The Department of Environment and Forest, under the administration of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council established this “Bio-diversity cum Recreation Pak” in altitude 177msl on an undulating landscape.
It was during the first half of 1998, a noble idea was developed in the mind of a Forest Range Officer with the inspiration of some seniors of the department to set up a Botanical Garden in and around Diphu. Spreading over an undulating topography, the park presently encompasses a land of 40 hectares on the bank of Diphu river with picturesque surrounding. The best suited red loamy and red sandy soils of this place support luxuriant growth of indigenous fruit bearing, flower bearing, medicinal and many other exotic plant species.
This park may be regarded as the Hub of Plant’s Kingdom of Assam. There are as many as 700 plants species out of which, some are still to be identified. A number of species preserved here are rare and some are highly endangered. The park provides the shelter habitat to many wild lives. Four squirrel species including: flying squirrel, mongoose, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, varieties of tree and other frogs, monitor lizard, varieties of butterflies, spiders and insects are common. More than 20 bird species have been recorded.
A number of unique man-made objects increase the gravity of the park.
Jambili Athon: This symbolic architecture made of concrete is based on an old Jambili Athon of the Karbis found at Terang Gaon of Balipotha. Jambili Athon signifies courage, unity, integrity, peace and harmony of Karbi Society.
Wooden Sculpture:- The unbelievable Sculpture carved on the trunk of a dead standing tree ( Terminalia Balarica- Bhomora )at the centre of the Park is unique, portraying the works of a master craftsman of the land, also depicting the artistic mind sets of the Karbi people. This is an unique projection of unbelievable sculpture reflecting the theme for nature conservation- a phase of struggle for existence.
Hem Tun: This is a replica of a traditional dwelling house of Karbi people made made of concrete seemed to be an ideal bamboo and wooden construction on the top of a hillock.
Children’s Park: The children’s park is one of the most attractive objects of this established. Apart from a house of children’s games, the gigantic model of a hill tortoise, water fountain, the water tank which representing our Earth and an unbelievable wood sculpture/tree sculpture draw every one’s keen attention. Another most beautiful attraction of the park is Lake for boating.
Flora attraction of the Park:
Total Number of Medicinal Plants found in the Park: 600+
Total Number of Bamboo Species: 27
Total number of indigenous flower species: 80
Total number of Bamboo species: 16
Total Number of Cane species: 10
Total Number of Edible Plants: 125
Total number of Orchid Species: 25
There are many other aromatic and spice species also found in Park campus including turmeric and ginger.

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