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A novel thing to do in Mawlynnong, Meghalaya is the Sky Watch, literally the high point of the village. The brainchild of local school teacher Rishot Khongthohrem, the Sky View has been conceptualized and constructed entirely by the residents of the village. This is a viewing platform built close to 80 feet up in the air on the branches of the highest tree in the forest. The Sky View offers a surreal experience of looking down at treetops and being buffeted around by the wind. On a clear day, one can see the canopy of Meghalaya’s forests and the plains of Bangladesh stretch into the horizon. It has been constructed by building a criss-cross bamboo bridge, connecting more than five trees, sloping upwards to the topmost branches in the forest. Climbing the precarious bridge and the mini-ladder to finally emerge onto the platform above is an adrenalin moment, like being on Aladdin’s magic carpet, albeit static.
This Bamboo Sky Watch can accommodate 40 people at time. It is not recommended for people with height phobia.

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