Assamese Media Book of the Year, 2017

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“A critic is a bridge between two poles. The author of this book has played the role of a critic in the field of journalism. He has tried to build a bridge between the theoretical, historical aspects of journalism with the readers, budding learners as well as interested persons.”—Professor (Dr.) Satykam Borthakur, Director, Centre for Journalism & Mass Communication Studies in Dibrugarh University aired this view regarding the book ‘Sangbadikota aru Asomeeya Sangbadikota’ authored by Nabajyoti Dutta, promising critic of journalism released during the 10th Dibrugarh Book Fare, 2017. Dr. Borthakur, the renowned literature & critic, the chief guest of the function also opined, “To succeed in the profession of journalism, only knowledge of the basic things or a journalism degree is not enough. The person concerned should be a promising one regarding creative talent, flavour as well as social responsibility. Just like a person never become a good litterateur only by reading a grammar book well; similarly just going through the pages of a good theoretical book on journalism, one can’t become a journalist in true sense. One has to try on his/her best through expressing own creativeness, talent and capabilities in their best forms and also to behave responsibly towards the society to achieve this goal.” Dr. Borthakur also mentioned about the pain as well as attack to be faced by the journalists from time to time while serving the causes of the society in midst of severe challenges. Lauding the efforts of Dutta, he hoped that the book will be able to helpful a lot to the new learners of journalism, budding journalists as well as other interested persons in the field in near future.

Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta, former journalist, literatuer, critic as well as noted academician is also seemed quiet hopeful regarding the publish of the book on Assamese journalism full of constructive criticism. Ikbal Ahmed, senior journalist and Chief advisor, All Assam Journalists’ Union(AAJU) also opines that such a book is very relavant to the present times. He specifies some certain topics that the book covers like citizen journalism and rampant mispronounciation of Assamese words by Assamese TV anchores and has expressed his gratitude to the author for offering such a desired fruit for the interested readers. Dr. Sashikanta Saikia, another former journalist, noted writer and academician is of the view that the budding journalists should study enough to succeed in this challenging profession of journalism and also has expressed his trust that this book would surely help the young learners as well as new entrants in the field of journalism. Dr. Khanindra Misra Bhagawati, an academician, based on his personal experience termed the author of the book as a perfectionist in doing any writing job and hoped that by going through the pages of the book interested one will be able to achieve surely a lot. Manjit Borah, noted youth journalist is of the view that he knew the author as an experienced one in both theory and practical field of journalism and this book has covered some exceptional, untouched sides of Assamese journalism like citizen journalism, new media, use of regional language in mass media, media ethics etc.
Naba Kumar Bharali, a student of Centre for Journalism and Mass Communication Studies at DIbrugarh University and a former trainee of the author is happy with his experience regarding how he came into the touch of the author and how he got influenced to enter in the field of journalism after meeting him. Manjuri Goswami Sarma, a budding journalist and a former journalism student of the author is too hopeful about the book as the book has fulfilled the lack of such exceptional journalism book in Assamese for budding journalists like her.
Youth writer Ranjit Muktiyar and many other readers like Neelabh Niyor Bipul Gogoi are seemed very much satisfied with the contents as well as lucid style of presentation of the same in the book. The hard binding, colour covered lucrative book published by S. I. Publication, Jorhat; comprising of a total of 160 quality pages is priced at just Rs.180/only. It is learnt that Nabajyoti Dutta, the author, based on his one and half decade long experiences in both vernacular as well as English journalism in different print media in Assam has purposefully penned this book. It would be pertinent to note a postgraduate in Journalism, the author has also been trying for a healthy journalism scenario in the state by organizing different programmes in the capacity of director of S.I. Foundation for Media & Social Welfare, Asom and also by promoting training on journalism in different places in the state. Hailing from Jorhat, Mr. Dutta is now serving an assistant professor & Head in the department of Assamese in DHSK Commerce College in Dibrugarh.

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