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Hi I am Bijit K. Dutta, live in Jorhat, Assam, India.

A Physics graduate and post graduate in Tourism Management.
I travel to explore heritage & wisdom.
I travel around Assam & North East India with my camera, finding interesting stories and super humans. I blog about organic agriculture, culture, heritage, festivals, places, events, lifestyle and for people who want to be their own super hero.
I am not a professional writer, nor photographer, but I just love to travel, take photos and sharing my region in front of you.
I am an ordinary person who loves to wander, see, explore places and learn about cultural diversity , human diversity, etc. I am not a rich kind of person like anyone else who choose to travel in other countries. Why would I go first to other countries where in North East India I can find and see many places, people, culture, festivals etc. in a just a cheaper way. And I wonder my life and wallet will be so small to know my region.


a) Volunteer Tourism for Community Development.
b) Organic Agro Tourism: Agri volunteering, Organic Agriculture, Seed Saving, Soil management, Garden designing Trainer, Adviser etc.
c) New Concept of Tourism for sustainable development.
d) Research & Development in Tourism
e) Film Tourism: site locator for shooting, concept for documentary maker.
f) Personality Tourism: Finding interesting stories and super humans.
g) Wedding Tourism: presenting wedding as cultural ceremony

h) Accessible Tourism for differently-able persons.

i) Adventure Tourism:¬†Trekking in Dzukou Valley of Nagaland, Double Decker Root Bridge of Meghalaya, Cycling near river bank of Brahmaputra, Trekking to Mulai Forest (Forest Man of India, Jadav Payeng’s Forest, etc.

By birth I am a farmer, you can also find photographs and article about “Sustainable Agriculture” and “Seed Saving”. Being a Tourism Student I always speaking on “Organic Tourism”. My slogan is:

“Travel Organic, Live Organic, Act Organic”

I hope you will enjoy my blog posts.

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