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Hi I am Bijit K. Dutta, live in Jorhat, Assam, India.

A Physics graduate and post graduate in Tourism Management.
I travel to explore heritage & wisdom.
I travel around Assam & North East India with my camera, finding interesting stories and super humans. I blog about organic agriculture, culture, heritage, festivals, places, events, lifestyle and for people who want to be their own super hero.
I am not a professional writer, nor photographer, but I just love to travel, take photos and sharing my region in front of you.
I am an ordinary person who loves to wander, see, explore places and learn about cultural diversity , human diversity, etc. I am not a rich kind of person like anyone else who choose to travel in other countries. Why would I go first to other countries where in North East India I can find and see many places, people, culture, festivals etc. in a just a cheaper way. And I wonder my life and wallet will be so small to know my region.


a) Tourism for Community Development to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
b) Organic Agro Tourism: Agri volunteering, Organic Agriculture, Seed Saving, Soil management, Garden designing Trainer, Adviser etc.
c) New Concept of Tourism for sustainable development.
d) Research & Development in Tourism
h) Accessible Tourism for differently-able persons.

By birth I am a farmer, you can also find photographs and article about “Sustainable Agriculture” and “Seed Saving”. Being a Tourism Student I always speaking on “Organic Tourism”. My slogan is:

“Travel Organic, Live Organic, Act Organic”

I hope you will enjoy my blog posts.


If you would like to help me financially so I can prepare more blog posts, photographs, videos and to arrange events for sustainable development, you can donate me through PayPal,  Payoneer and Google Pay.

PayPal ID: contact@bijitdutta.com

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Payoneer ID:  23233422

Google Pay: duttaroyal@oksbi

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